INTEGRITY : Integrity in business dealings with our customers, suppliers, employees and other stakeholders is the foundation of our long-term success. We will be known for being fair and transparent in all our business dealings.

PERSISTENCE :Persistence is the foundation of our work ethic and provides the energy to overcome resistance and get the job done. We will be known for working hard with great purpose, productivity and passion.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Entrepreneurship is the root of our business and is embodied by our entrepreneur. We encourage each and every one of our employees to think like an entrepreneur and to drive forward the growth of our company.

SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: Our social responsibility is an important consideration of all our operations wherever we do business in the world. We recognize our responsibility to be active participants in our local communities and to give back to the people whom we serve.

REPUTATION: Reputation is something we fiercLeveraging on our well equipped laboratory, a packaging unit, a dexterous team of highly qualified person and formulators we are able to synthesize a precisely composed range of pharma drugs and healthcare products. Backed by technological advancements we are able make our range available at competitive prices. Our gamut comprises of pharmaceutical tablets, pharmaceutical capsules, pharmaceutical injectables, moisturizing skin lotion, oral liquids and dry protein powder, antacids, cough syrups, paedritics syrup, external preparation ointments, shampoos and protein powders.

Our range covers all segments like ANTICOLD & ANTI HISTAMINIC, DENTAL PRODUCTS, ANTIBIOTIC PRODUCTS, GYANEC & VITAMINS PRODUCTS, SKIN & STEROID PRODUCTS, ANTIULCERANT & LAXATIVE PRODUCTS, HERBAL PRODUCTS, ANALGESIC, ANTI PYRETIC & ANTI INFLAMMATORY, INJECTABLE PRODUCTS & OTHER SPECIALITIES.ely protect and value. Over the past three decades we have developed a reputation of doing business fairly and always coming to win/win relationships with all our stakeholders. We will continue to adhere to the above core values in order to maintain this reputation.

PEOPLE: We believe that people are our greatest asset. Our vision would not be achievable without having the best talent available. We recognize effort and reward results. We aim to provide our employees with a fun yet demanding work culture that provides great opportunity for personal growth.