Company Profile

Earum Pharmaceuticals is a market leader in making quality healthcare and consumer products affordable and available across the globe including whole Africa, Latin America and South East Asia. We accomplish this by having WHO approved production facilities in India and by focusing on our first-class distribution expertise.

In the area of General therapeutic and antibiotic drugs, Earum Pharmaceuticals specializes in offering quality products and affordable manufacturing services to international pharmaceutical companies across the globe. The company, as a trusted partner for manufacturing needs of leading pharmaceutical companies, is prepared to undergo quality and manufacturing audits to satisfy client’s expectations in terms of adhering to Good Manufacturing Practices defined by the regulators. Earum Pharmaceuticals a comprehensive range of services for the dosage forms like Formulation Development, Product Lifecycle Management, Contract Manufacturing and Packaging Development.

Earum Pharmaceuticals having headquartered in Ahmedabad, and has been operating in India, Africa, Latin America and South East Asia in a very shot time of span. In the healthcare segment, Earum Pharmaceuticals is a leader in each of its markets and offers a wide basket of over One hundred branded products. We offer the consumer, prescription and over-the-counter categories, with a broad range of therapeutic indexes including anti-malarial, antibiotics, nutrition, anti-diabetic etc.

Over the last many years, Earum’s reputation as a quality healthcare provider in Africa has been well accepted by the medical community, who has no hesitation in prescribing Earum products to their patients. We work closely with the local communities to help people live longer and healthier lives, and all this is possible because of our dedicated employees.